With Podcast Movement 2019 fastly approaching, we want to give a friendly reminder to all partners and attendees about some of our conference ground rules, to ensure that everyone gets the best out of their PM19 experience.

Have you heard of the terms “Suitcasing” and “Outboarding”? While they may sound like a new travel show or extreme sport, these are actually serious conference faux pas that we hope everyone will avoid.

If you’re not familiar, Suitcasing is when a company registers as an attendee instead of a partner, and then proceeds to hand out flyers, distribute printed material, etc other than business cards – vying for partner presence without actually paying to be a partner. Suitcasing thus steals revenue from the conference organizer, diminishes the value of official partner, and is deceitful and confusing for attendees.

Outboarding is when a company that should or could have partnered an event chooses instead to host their own competing event, without the consent of the event organizer. This costs event organizers revenue from the potential partner, steals attention away from the official event and the official partners associated with it. Outboarders often use the official event branding in association with their competing event, confusing attendees and deceiving them into thinking that they are supporting the official event, when in reality they are not.

Please note that several time blocks will be set aside as “Open Time.” There will be no official conference agenda items, so you’ll be free to book your open invitation events on that evening.

All instances of either Suitcasing and/or Outboarding without prior consent at Podcast Movement will result in name badges being rescinded to protect our official partners and officially organized schedule of events.

If you are unsure if one of your planned events interferes or conflicts with a scheduled PM19 event, please CONTACT US for clarification. Thank you to all of our partners and attendees for your understanding and cooperation!