PM19 Tips Our Hat to the Women’s World Cup, The Industry Track and Additional PM19 Speakers

The Industry Track sponsored by Coleman Insights, Additional PM19 Speakers and Community/Industry Updates

Greetings PM Family,

We hope that you are enjoying some of the Women’s World Cup action this month in Paris, France! It is exciting to see competition support so many women athletes from around the world. Podcasting is like the Women’s World Cup in the sense that it provides women from every nationality and background to have a stage to share their talents. We love that about podcasting and welcome the Women’s World Cup soccer (or football depending on where you are reading this) theme for this week’s newsletter.

Today we focus primarily on the Industry Track presented by Coleman Insights, new PM19 speaker announcements, community/industry updates and close with a parting thought on winning! Let’s kickoff shall we?

The Corner Kick: The Industry Track at PM19 – presented by Coleman Insights

We are proud to have Coleman Insights as the sponsor for this year’s Industry Track at PM19!

The sessions in this year’s Industry Track have been carefully crafted to help your podcast improve in two essential areas: Branding and Content.

Industry Track sponsor Coleman Insights helps media companies around the world build strong brands and develop great content by delivering actionable insights based on high-quality consumer research and decades of experience.

President Warren Kurtzman says, “We’re looking forward to hosting the Industry Track again this year and delivering content that can help attendees make their podcasts more successful.

You’re invited to their opening session, “Outside Thinking for Podcasts,” Wednesday, August 14 at 9:00 AM and to learn more at

What speakers are featured on the Industry Track and what will their topics be?

Here is a sample of those already announced:

We have more sessions that have not been announced yet for the Industry Track! Please feel free to review the full PM19 schedule which will let you know when and where to find these sessions, as well as panels, breakouts and workshops available on other tracks/stages.

Bend it Like PM19 – New Speaker Announcements!

PM19 Speakers Page

Podcast Movement is pleased to announce 32 additional speakers and panelists, including podcasters and industry leaders from the Orlando Magic, NPR, AdsWizz, RadioPublic, Podfund, NASA, WNYC, Pocket Casts, PodNews, Warner Media … plus more podcasters and podcasting companies! We cannot wait to learn from them this summer!

The Playoff Round: Industry and Community Updates

  • 13 Essential Podcast Tools for Every PodcasterArticle by Travis Albritton – Here are 13 tools that are recommended regardless of what type of podcast that you have.

PM19 Mobile App

  • The PM19 App! – We encourage you to download the official event app If you are ready to create your custom schedule and start networking for PM19 early! The Podcast Movement 2019 event app is available via the Web (mobile/desktop), iOS, and Android.

Podcast Interview Hosts

  • Attention: Podcast Interview Hosts! – PM19 has a potential opportunity that is tailored just for you. We are gauging interest and need some feedback from you. Please consider completing the following form if you are interested in getting more info.


  • What is PM up to? – Our team is about ready to launch something new that we are very excited about! We would love for you to consider being one of the first to take a look behind the curtain.

PM19 Roomshare and Rideshare doc

  • PM19 Roomshare and Rideshare Spreadsheet is Now Available! – Please feel free to use this document if you are looking for a roommate or a shared ride to/from the airport, etc.

Share Your Wins!

I received a message in the Podcast Movement Community Facebook group this past week. The message was from someone in our community who has put countless hours over many years into podcasting. The individual did not want to brag publicly, but just received an $8,000 sponsorship!

$8,000 Sponsorship

Podcasting can sometimes feel like a thankless and endless task! We need the community to keep us encouraged to continue doing the work that we feel compelled to do via our podcast platforms! Please share with us your recent wins for your show in the following post in the Podcast Movement Community on Facebook.

Keep “Heading” to the top!
Team PM

“I’ve never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else.” – Abby Wambach

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