Raising Your Game: PM19 announces the Live Stage!

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Video Games are as popular as ever. You can look at the statistics if you don’t believe it. My (Jared) mom plays games on her mobile device. I wouldn’t have thought that was possible, when I was 10 years old, as she was telling me that I couldn’t play any more NES for the rest of the day. Podcasting is growing fast, much like the video game industry. We tip our hats to gaming in this edition of the weekly newsletter. The focus for today is the Live Stage (sponsored by Voxnest), the PM19 Midday Sessions and the Podcast Makeover that YOU AN APPLY TO BE A PART OF!

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It’s Go Time: Pitch Your Podcast on PM19’s Live Stage

With the growing interest in live streaming in the podcast space, Voxnest is a natural partner for Podcast Movement as it takes the next logical step: adding live streaming to the Live Stage at PM19. Podcast Movement will be streaming all the sessions taking place on the Live Stage, so anyone around the world can check them out. A first for the event, the live discussions will offer audiences an engaging and immersive experience, no matter where they are.

Voxnest is thrilled to sponsor Live Stage at PM19, an exciting new addition to this year’s line-up of amazing speakers. Aspiring podcasters should mark their calendars for August 15 at 2:15 pm for “Goldfish Tank (Sharks are so Scary!),” a session where attendees will have the opportunity to pitch their podcast idea and get (gentle) feedback from some of the industry’s most talented podcast producers, including Jonathan Zenti, Mitra Kaboli, Earlonne Woods, Skye Pillsbury and Dana Elizabeth Gerber-Margie.

Another session that’s sure to be a hit is “Content and Industry: Friends, Relatives or Total Strangers?” This session, on August 15 at 11:30 am, will host a panel of media experts who will discuss how the podcast industry’s growth and monetization is affecting the quality of what reaches the listeners ears.

Additional Live Stage Sessions Include:

Pat Flynn Live – Wednesday, August 14 – 9:00am

The Sounds of Skin & Body – Wednesday, August 14 – 10:15am

Whatever Happened to Pizza at McDonald’s? – Wednesday, August 14 – 11:00am

Multitude Podcasts: LIVE – Wednesday, August 14 – 11:45am

Google/PRX Showcase – Thursday, August 15 – 9:00am

Making People Laugh is a Serious Job – Thursday, August 15 – 10:45am

New Media Show: LIVE – Thursday, August 15 – 4:15pm

Bobby Bones live interview on stage at PM18

Our Version of FortNite – The Midday Sessions!

Okay, the midday sessions are not a battle royale, but they are equally exciting and should not be overlooked!

Check out these sessions:

Multitude Podcasts: LIVE – Wednesday, August 14 – 11:45am

Audio’s Past, Present + Future – A Fireside Chat with Laura Walker – Wednesday, August 14 – 12:30pm

Monetizing Through Membership: A Direct-to-Fan Funding Model – Wednesday, August 14 – 12:30pm

Independent Podcasting in the Era of Consolidation: What effect will large companies have on you, the individual podcaster? Thursday, August 15 – 12:30pm

It’s the year 2039. Where’s Your podcast? (A Preserve This Podcast workshop) – Thursday, August 15 – 12:30pm

Podfunding: How to Build a Creative, Profitable, and Impactful Podcast Business – Thursday, August 15 – 12:30pm

The Sims: The Podcast Makeover Returns!

The Podcast Makeover panel returns to Podcast Movement for a third year! This session provides up-and-coming podcasters a rare opportunity to receive feedback from broadcasting professionals live on stage. Want your podcast to receive a critique? Submit your podcast here.

The Next Level

Podcasting is not a game, but we want you to be set up to win as much as possible. The community is here for you.And before you go, have you checked out the new daily newsletter? If not, it launched yesterday, and we’d love to have you check it out!

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