The full PM19 schedule is released, scholarships are presented, and more!

The Full PM19 Schedule, Scholarship Recipients for PM19, The Creation Track sponsored by Himalaya, and Community Updates

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Our theme for today’s newsletter is toys! Toys are a blast. They help individuals of all ages learn valuable problem-solving skills. Children can use toys to explore object durability. Objects such as blocks help teach and build motor skills. Playing with toys is one physical activity which helps with growth.

Podcast Movement loves all types of personal and professional growth. We are committed to helping every member of this community to grow. One of our favorite opportunities is to bring the best experience under one roof to share with attendees

We subscribe to the mindset that the community is wiser than the individual. It is incredible what we can learn from each other, regardless of category and level of skill. Industry insiders can learn from independent podcasters. Broadcasters can teach valuable skills while also gaining new insights for the future of audio from the podcast community.

Today we share the full PM19 schedule, scholarship recipients for PM19, the Creation Track sponsored by Himalaya, New Speaker Announcements, and Industry/Community Updates!

Shall we proceed? The magic eight ball says “It is Certain”.

Bringing all of the Pieces Together: The Full PM19 Schedule

*** Please note that while we do our best to provide a complete and accurate schedule, certain circumstances might cause there to be slight changes prior to this year’s Podcast Movement. ***

The PM19 Schedule is Live!

We are proud to finally bring to you the nearly complete schedule for this summer’s big event! With over 150 sessions, panels, workshops and keynotes, we will not even try to list them all here. You can view them all via the Conference Schedule page on the website. You can start marking your favorites now, and don’t forget to check in on the latest update of amazing speakers taking the stages!

If you’ve not yet registered, you may want to consider getting a pass that includes the Virtual Ticket when you do. As you know, it is impossible to attend all of the sessions, so the next best strategy is to plan which presentation you will attend in person, and which ones you will make plans to view later on with the Virtual Ticket! And if you can’t make it to Orlando, you can get the Virtual Ticket as a standalone pass!

We are excited to hear which sessions you are planning to attend in person. Please feel free to share this with us in the Podcast Movement Community group on Facebook.

Surprise! PM19 Scholarship Recipients

Surprise to the following PM Community Members…

In 2018, Podcast Movement launched a new scholarship program to give a deserving few new podcasters, who are not able to afford to attend on their own, the opportunity to win a scholarship to attend the full event in Orlando, and also act as brand ambassadors for PM19.

We had nearly 100 podcasters send us their scholarship applications, but we could only choose 20 scholarship recipients. That said – it’s time to announce the community members selected for scholarships to Podcast Movement 2019 in Orlando this summer.

Shireen Lakhani – Urdu Seekhiye

Kate Youmans – Scoring Magic

Nikki Davis – Almost Happy

Lauren Morris – She Woke Up Dope

BJ Keeton – Geek to Geek Podcast

Scott Cooper – Millennial Nerds

Marcus Vaughn – The Jig is Up

Claude Call – How Good It Is

Hayley Luckadoo – Females on Fire

Luis Martin – Studio Confessions

Wendy Dorsey – Dopeish

Alejandro Vargas Padilla – El Show de Alejo Vargas

Michelle McArdle – SoFlo Weird Show

Sharita Murphy – SMH Podcast

Joy Boyd – Bringing Joy to Life

Liz Alarcon – Between Two Worlds

Larry Duncan – Lyfting With Larry… What’s Your Story

Noni Limar – All Heart Podcast

Inita Ammons – Rambles

Tyjuana Wilson – Single and Happy in Charlotte

The Creation Track at PM19 – presented by Himalaya

We are proud to have Himalaya as the sponsor for this year’s Creation Track at PM19!

Himalaya is a highly rated and reviewed podcast app and hosting company for thousands of podcasts. You can learn more here.

What does the Creation Track at PM19 entail?

Podcast Movement 2019 will be home to some of the best podcast creation experts on the planet. Whether you’re creating a show from scratch or looking for ways to improve, this track will teach you everything you need to know about the ins and outs of podcasting. There will be sessions for both beginners and professionals that will help you and your show, including the art of storytelling and how to conduct great interviews.

What speakers are featured on the Creation Track and what will their topics be? Here is a sample of those already announced:

Believe it or not, we have more sessions that have not been announced yet for the Creation Track. Please feel free to review the full PM19 schedule which will let you know when and where to find these sessions, as well as panels, breakouts and workshops available on other tracks/stages.

Community Updates

NASA Podcast Tour 2019

Experience a day behind the scenes at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. You must be a registered PM19 attendee to be considered. Get more info and apply here!

Do you write about podcasts, podcasting, or are you thinking about getting into it?

Podcast Movement is upping our content game, and we’d love to chat! Reply to this newsletter, or email [email protected] and let us know!

The Southeast Meetup Tour

Last week was a blast! 4 podcast meetups in 4 days in 4 cities! Birmingham, Nashville, Atlanta & Charlotte! Special thanks to Mark Deal from Podcast Atlanta, Clark Buckner and Angus Nelson from the Podcast Nashville meetup as well as several others that made this tour possible. We are planning more meetups post PM19!

You’ve got a friend in PM..

Toys give us an opportunity to play and use our imagination. Podcasts also provide an outlet for creativity and originality. We hope to help your podcast continue to not only be a resource or content, but to be fun enough that it feels like play (or at least your listeners continue to press play for your show).

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“The important thing is that we stick together.” – Buzz Lightyear

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